About Me

What I offer

For Everyone

  • Over ten years experience in driving instruction.
  • Calm and patient manner ideal for nervous beginners.
  • Lessons on motorcycles or Manual and Automatic cars
  • 1:1 tuition tailored to your individual needs.
  • training for complete novices beggining to learn to drive to refresher courses for qualified drivers.
  • A very comprehensive range of driving

For Buisnesses & Profesional Drivers

  • I provide a broad range of training options for both corporate fleets and solo professional drivers.
  • I offer driving health and safety risk assessments.


Standard Lessons

Covering everything you need to pass your test.

Introductory Lessons

The 2 hour kick-start lesson covers the very basics of driving, essential for beginners or those returning to driving after a long break.

  • Manual £45/lesson
  • Automatic£50/lesson

Standard Lessons

These lessons can be bought in bulk for a discounted price as a perfect gift to a family member old enough to drive or anyone wishing to save some money.

  • Manual £28.5/lesson
  • Automatic£29/lesson

Motorway/Eco Lessons

Motorway Lesson

The provisional license now covers you for motorway driving. As a result learning to drive on motorways can begin when you are approaching your test.
These lessons cover all aspects of motorway driving

Economical Driving

Driving economically will save on wear on tear on your car as well as additional savings on petrol.

  • Motorwayprice on request/lesson
  • EconomicalPrice on request/lesson